Socios Estratégicos APICS México

CSOP: Certification in Sales and Operations Planning


Nivel:  Intermedio

Duración:  20 horas
Idioma: ponencia en español, con material en inglés




1: S&OP: Its Role, Benefits, and Structure

  •  Introduction to Executive S&OP
  •  Where Does Executive S&OP Fit?
  •  The Structure and Logic of Executive S&OP
  •  Inputs to Executive S&OP
  •  The Monthly Executive S&OP Process


2: Implementing the Live Pilot

  •  The Executive S&OP Implementation Path
  •  Executive Briefing and Go/No-Go Decision #1
  •  Assignment of Responsibilities
  •  Kickoff Education and Planning
  •  Development of the Project Schedule
  •  Product Families, Subfamilies and Resources
  •  Data Requirements, Sources and Displays
  •  The Demand Planning Process
  •  The Supply Planning Process
  •  Pilot Preparation and Execution


3: Expansion and Full Financial Integration

  •  Add All Families onto Executive S&OP
  •  Continuous Improvement
  •  Full Financial Integration
  •  Executive S&OP in Complex Environments


4: Getting It Right and Making It Better

  •  Fixing a Broken Executive S&OP Process
  •  Risk management and Executive S&OP
  •  The Future of Executive S&OP