Socios Estratégicos APICS México

CPIM: Certified in Production and Inventory Management

CPIM Part 1: Basics


Nivel: Básico

Duración: 30 horas
Idioma: ponencia en español, con material en inglés




M1: Basics of Supply Chain Management


  • Introduction to supply chain management
  • Manufacturing design, planning, and control
  • Quality and continuous improvement
  • Lean
  • Demand management
  • SOP-MPS: Master planning
  • MRP – Material requirements planning
  • Capacity management
  • Purchasing
  • Aggregate inventory management
  • Item inventory management
  • Execution and control
  • Physical distribution















CPIM Part 2: Advanced


Nivel: Intermedio

Duración: 48 horas
Idioma: ponencia en español, con material en inglés




M1: Strategic Management of Resources

  • Developing a Business Strategy
  • Sustainability and Strategy
  • Business Planning and Finance
  • Aligning the Operations Strategy


M2: Master Planning of Resources

  • Demand Management—forecasting
  • Sales and Operations Planning– S&OP
  • Master Scheduling
  • Distribution Planning


M3: Detailed Scheduling and Planning

  • Inventory Management
  • Materials Requirement Planning –MRP
  • Detailed Capacity Planning
  • Managing Projects
  • Planning Procurement and External Sources of Supply


M4 Execution and Control of Operations

  • Execution of Operations
  • Scheduling and Authorization
  • Quality, Communication and Continuous Improvement
  • Design Concepts and Trade-Offs